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Traditional diagnostic tools aren’t always effective in determining the cause of your symptoms, or if you’re at risk of developing a certain medical condition. That’s why Pax Emmanuel, MD, in Malibu, California, offers concierge service with high-quality DNA testing to patients looking to get more detailed information about their health profile. Schedule your first appointment by phone or online to learn more about DNA testing.

DNA Testing Q & A

What is DNA testing?

DNA refers to the genetic chemical database that establishes and determines your body’s various functions. Dr. Emmanuel uses DNA testing to identify any abnormalities in your genes, specifically those that can lead to illness and disease.

Keep in mind that if your DNA test results identify an issue, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a particular health condition or will develop it. Often it means that you’re more susceptible to developing a condition or are a carrier for it. Identifying your potential for these conditions allows you and Dr. Emmanuel to take preventive steps.  

What are the uses of DNA testing?

Dr. Emmanuel might recommend DNA testing if traditional imaging technology doesn’t offer enough in-depth information about your overall health. There are various types of DNA tests.

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic DNA testing is vital in determining whether your symptoms are part of a more significant condition. For example, Dr. Emmanuel can identify the presence of mutated genes during diagnostic testing. Mutated genes can point to overlooked conditions such as Huntington’s disease or cystic fibrosis.


Pharmacogenetics allows Dr. Emmanuel to determine precisely which medications and dosage work best with your body chemistry.

Presymptomatic testing

Presymptomatic testing refers to a test that determines whether you’re at risk of developing a disease. In most cases, Dr. Emmanuel performs a presymptomatic DNA test if you have a known family history of a specific disease, which can put you at higher risk of developing that condition.

Carrier testing

Carrier testing is often used when you’re thinking about having a child and want to know whether you or your partner carry a gene associated with a hereditary genetic disorder.

Prenatal testing

Prenatal testing is useful for pregnant women seeking to find out whether their child carries any abnormal genes. It’s instrumental in determining whether your child has Down syndrome or trisomy 18.

Preimplantation testing

If you’re thinking about conceiving a child in vitro, preimplantation testing can help Dr. Emmanuel determine whether the embryo has any genetic abnormalities before its placement in the uterus.

What is a stool DNA test?

Stool DNA testing monitors the fluctuation of cells in your stool. Dr. Emmanuel might order a stool DNA test to screen for colon polyps or colon cancer. He can also check the stool for blood, which may be an early sign of cancer.

DNA testing allows you to get the detailed results you need to stay healthy. Call the office of Pax Emmanuel, MD, or book online to schedule an appointment and learn more about DNA testing.  

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